Thursday, November 21, 2019

Atmosphere Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Atmosphere - Essay Example Firstly, the sense gives people the opportunity of knowing the designation of all their body parts and the activities they can facilitate. They also know the way the body parts move, their effectiveness and how to act in response to stimuli. The process is actualized through sensation and perception that facilitates processing of sensory data and interpretation to give credible meaning. The brain processes the information taken by the eyes and the body produces reflex actions as well as coordinated movements to respond to the external stimuli in a way that makes it the most convenient for the body to move in the given space and the challenges contained therein. Therefore, the elements greatly influence the direction of movement in space. Atmosphere has a direct as well as indirect influence on body movement. For example, while an individual enclosed in a closet or a lift has very little room to shift from one place to another and thus cannot make significant movements even if the ind ividual desires so; an individual hiding underneath a tree holding onto its trunk chooses not to make significant movements while an earthquake is happening in an attempt to keep safe and not catch significant harm. The difference between the two examples is that in the former, atmosphere places direct restrictions on the movement of the body whereas in the latter, external stimuli and factors contained in the atmosphere indirectly restrict the movement of the body. The restraints in the first example are mechanical or physical whereas those in the second example are abstract and a result of the interplay of the mind and body of the individual in the scenario. The relationship between atmosphere and body movement can be elaborated with the help of another example; an individual may see an object from a distance through light reflection and develop interest in acquiring it personally.

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